Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I just started my blog

Dear world,I just started my blog.I hope you like it.There will be many ghost stories too...hope you all like it.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Hey hey

Hello,I am back.I've had a good day so far and I am quite somehow bored.I got a ghost story here.Dig it:
On Christmas day,my nana and grandpa were coming to visit.They said that they had bought the most wonderful surprises for me and my little brother Danny.We were so excited that we spent the whole afternoon thinking and imagining all things that could have been the mystery surprise.That evening,my parents were very busy.Fried dumplings ,cake,pastries and the aroma of the chicken wings were the only things present around the hall area.Suddenly,I felt something moving behind me.I took it as my imagination going wild.Then my brother suddenly screamed.I asked him what happened,he said he had saw a little creature stealing my shadow.Yah right!I said.I was wrong.That evening,the most horrible things happened.You wouldn't want to know.